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In Partnership with the Quichua Church
Jesus El Buen Pastor in Ecuador and Venezuela

Our partnership with Jesus El Buen Pastor (JBP) - Riobamba, distributes food, hand out blankets, diapers, soap, towels etc... to Venezuelan refugee-migrants on the streets of Ecuador!

Efforts are being made to help Venezuelans with longer term needs, like Visas, Standing with them regarding mistreatment (Xenofobia) and other human rights issues. Helping make connections with organizations and government agencies that are also designed to address the health and integration of Venezuelans into Ecuador society.

Due to continued problems within Caracas and the Venezuelan government red tape in regards to processing paperwork to renew the church JBP legal status we are again seeking a legitimate channel to send aid into Venezuela. 

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Ross & Mary Hunter Hope for Venezuela Proj #150967

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10123 William Carey Dr.                    

Orlando, FL 32832

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This project is completed. Stay tunded for an update

Thank you all for a great response and for loving the Quichua people affected by the earthquake of 2016.

Chamanga Church Rebuild Project

New Church has the roof on and walls up (2018) floo

(Above video fis from the first year of the project in 2016)

Living Hope


​1 Pet. 1:3;  2 Cor. 4:7

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