Ross & Mary Hunter
Missionaries to the Quichua people of Ecuador   

Our struggle is not against flesh and put on the full armor of God...and pray in the Spirit (Eph 6:12,13,18).


Please Pray for:

1. The COVID-19 virus in Ecuador. Ecuador is the hardest hit South American Country with the virus with the of Guyaquil suffering the         hardest!

2. Mary was in Ohio when Ecuador's borders closed. Ross is in Ecuador. Pray for us as a couple during this time of separation.

3. Pray for our Venezuelan food distribution project. We are providing 800lbs of rice, 400lbs lentils, and 900 eggs a week! 

4. Pray for Ross' teaching with the ProMETA seminary, and the course he is designing (CETI) for the indigenous community in Ecuador.

that focus on theological education for pastors and leaders. 

5. Pray for Ross' PhD Studies. He just moved his program over to Columbia International University, and Mary's course at the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute and her grad courses at Moody Theological Seminary.  

Living Hope


​1 Pet. 1:3;  2 Cor. 4:7

© 2020 Ross Hunter

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Quichuas praying with Tsachilas