Our struggle is not against flesh and blood...so put on the full armor of God...and pray in the Spirit (Eph 6:12,13,18).



April Prayer requests

1. Praise for finding a new home to rent! Pray we can complete the needed repairs quickly.

2. Praise: Mary's studies taken in March and prayer for her safe return to Ecuador the end of April. The day after she arrives in Quito she plans to attend a women's retreat in Quito. Pray for the many details and packing between now and then in Ohio.

3. Pray for our  project "Hope for Venezuela" in Caracas, and Riobamba. Continue to pray for the paperwork the Venezuelan church needs from their government that will enable them to receive mission support. Pray for our weekly outreach in Ecuador that is launching this Thurs. April 4th, that will distribute food and hope to Venezuelans on the streets of Riobamba. 

4. Pray for Yolanda's healing. I just heard from her husband that she is feeling much better than two days ago, and has been eating over the past three days! Pray God would kill her cancer and restore her life! (Yolanda is a Quichua friend who recently moved from Venezuela to Eucador due to the economic crisis.) After moving to Ecuador it was discovered she had cancer. Yolanda was instrumental in starting a childrens outreach in Petare (Venezuela) that later grew into one of the churches we our project is reaching out to. 

5. Pray for my (Ross) PhD research, much of which I hope to integrate into our current ministry program of Discipleship Training. 
6. Pray for new pledges and special gifts towards our personal missionary support and ministry projects.

Living Hope


​1 Pet. 1:3;  2 Cor. 4:7

© 2019 Ross Hunter

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Students praying at retreat