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· ‘Learning In Place’: Localized and in-context training enables our students to live and        to minister at home


· Classroom training in Bible, Theology, Prayer and other ministry and life topics


· Life application of those topics through group discussion and personal, pastoral



· Visits to the students’ homes, and churches/areas of ministry:

         * Provide an opportunity to observe how material learned in the classroom is                         applied in ministry context


          * Bring them credibility


          * Greatly encourage them, their families and their churches. (As our students’                     ministries generally  offer little or no financial remuneration, it is often a great                     sacrifice for them to train and to serve.)


·Hospitality in our home offers informal, relational time together. Much of Quichua                ministry occurs in the context of relationships.


Our Distinctives

We embrace Pioneers Core Values:


Passion for God


Unreached Peoples


Church-Planting Movements


Ethos of Grace


The Local Church




Innovation and Flexibility


Participatory servant-leadership


What we believe:

Ross is an ordained minister under the

Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA).

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Ross & Mary Hunter
Missionaries to the Quichua people of Ecuador   

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Living Hope


​1 Pet. 1:3;  2 Cor. 4:7

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